The Hiring Secret Weapon You've Been Waiting For!

Streamline the way you hire, dodge the wrong fits and focus on the right ones. 

Smart Hiring Starts Here

Our database goes beyond traditional background checks to help you find the best candidates. We uncover potential pitfalls before a hire, so you can make informed decisions.

Score-based Candidate Evaluation

Streamline your decision-making process with our automated scoring system. This system ranks potential hires based on their work history and performance. 

Detailed Work History Reports

Get all the information you need about each candidate with our detailed work history reports. These reports include past roles, duration of employment, reasons for leaving, and employer feedback.

Rich Candidate Database

Find the best candidates with our database. We go beyond traditional background checks to uncover potential problems before you make a hire.

Stable Workforce

Build a super team by decreasing turnover and negating endless replacements.

Effortless Hiring

Take a data-driven approach to hiring to avoid costly mistakes and accelerate business growth.

Cost Savings

Avoid the costs of bad hires and repeating training by finding the right people for your business.

Poor Hiring Decisions Impacts Company Success!

These jaw-dropping statistics are living proof of the earth-shattering impact that a truly streamlined hiring process and laser-sharp data can wield on your business performance.

Reduce Turnover
by 45%

Achieve a significant reduction in turnover rates, retaining your most talented employees for longer periods.

Raise Customer
Satisfaction by 60%

More stable teams and engaged employees correlate to a noticeable uptick in customer satisfaction rates.

Reduce Turnover
by 45%

Achieve a significant reduction in turnover rates, retaining your most talented employees for longer periods.

Boost Productivity
by 30%

Supercharge your team's overall productivity, fostering a work environment that thrives and grows.

Improve Decision
Accuracy by 35%

Elevate the precision of your hiring decisions by a remarkable 35%.

Taking the Guesswork out of Hiring

Our platform isn’t merely a database—it’s a shield against poor hires. We expose unseen aspects of a candidate’s professional past, enabling you to steer clear of potential pitfalls and invest wisely.

More Reasons to Choose WrkTrl

Get the complete story before you commit.

Dodge Bad Hires

Skip the hiring mistakes and the subsequent headaches. Our platform gives you the full story on potential hires, not just the highlights.

Unlock Potential

By dodging the wrong hires, you create room for the right ones—the ones who can take your business to the next level.

Back Your Decisions with Boss-level Data

With our extensive database, you can hire with confidence, knowing you've made a fully informed decision.

Businesses of all sizes love us
— and we love them too

Sarah T.Small Business Owner
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Ever since we started using WrkTrl, our hiring game has been on point. It's like having an inside scoop on every candidate!
Mike L.Founder
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I was skeptical at first, but WrkTrl's insights have saved us from a few hiring mistakes. It's like having a trusted colleague give you the lowdown on every applicant.
Annie R.Talent Scout
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Diving into WrkTrl's reviews feels like a treasure hunt. We've found some gems and dodged a few bullets along the way!
Dave POperations
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Hiring used to feel like a gamble, but with WrkTrl, it's more of a strategic move. We're making better choices and seeing the difference in our team dynamics.
Sophie KCo-founder
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Being part of the WrkTrl community feels like being in a tight-knit club. There's a genuine sense of wanting to help each other out, and that's priceless in today's competitive market.

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