Uncover the True Story Behind Every Candidate

Eliminate the guesswork and truly understand who you’re bringing into your team, Wrktrl gives you a glimpse into your candidates’ past performance, directly from their previous employers.

Dodge The Bad Apples with Real-Time Encounters from Real Employers

Tap into a robust community-driven database to scrutinize potential hires through detailed feedback and avoid missteps. Make informed choices early with our extensive feedback system and simplify candidate evaluation with our intuitive Candidate Scorecard. 

Avoid Unsuitable Candidates with In-Depth Encounters

Dive into detailed reports on potential employees. Join a community of proactive employers sharing candid feedback on hires—both good and bad.Everyone leaves a Work Trail, now it is time to make more informed hiring decisions and help other employers by reporting rogue hires in real time.

See the red flags before you hire

Utilize our extensive database of detailed feedback from other businesses to fully understand a candidate's history. WrkTrl helps you spot potential red flags early, ensuring you make informed decisions that contribute to a robust and effective team.

Evaluate A Candidates Potential with the Candidate Scorecard

Overwhelmed by piles of applications? Let WrkTrl’s Candidate Scorecard do the heavy lifting. Our scorecard provides a summarized rating based on encounters, past experiences, and other crucial factors. It’s your quick and reliable tool to identify top talent and potentially your next star employee.

How it Works

Join a community of business owners that share their encounters with employees to help educate your hiring decisons. When considering a new hire use this powerful search tool to access our private date base of employee encounters. 

If the applicant you are considering has had a negative encounter wiht a fellow WrkTrl member you can read all about it and make a more informed decison. You also have the ability to share all of your employee encounters and help the community. Together we can help build a stronger workforce.

Watch your business
take off with WrkTrl

We’re not your average hiring tool. We use cutting-edge tech and deep human expertise to find the perfect fit for your company culture. The result?


Faster Time-to-Hire


reduced costs associated with bad hires


Hours saved for HR admins on average

Minimize Hiring Risks with Comprehensive Candidate Insights

Drastically cut hiring risks with in-depth candidate insights!

Get the complete story before you commit.

Every hiring decision can propel you to success or set you back, costing you money and valuable time. With WrkTrl, you’re not just adding to your business; you’re strategically investing in its future.

Efficiently Screen Candidates and Save Valuable Time and Resources

Save time and resources by quickly identifying unsuitable candidates.

Gain Direct Feedback from Previous Employers About Your Candidates

Hear firsthand about a candidate from previous employers.

Strengthen Your Team with Candidates Who Align with Your Company Goals

Build strong teams by hiring individuals who align with your company's goals.

Hear From Our Community

Sarah T.
Sarah T.
Small Business Owner
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Ever since we started using WrkTrl, our hiring game has been on point. It's like having an inside scoop on every candidate!
Mike L.
Mike L.Founder
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I was skeptical at first, but WrkTrl's insights have saved us from a few hiring mistakes. It's like having a trusted colleague give you the lowdown on every applicant.
Annie R.
Annie R.Talent Scout
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Diving into WrkTrl's reviews feels like a treasure hunt. We've found some gems and dodged a few bullets along the way!
Dave P
Dave POperations
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Hiring used to feel like a gamble, but with WrkTrl, it's more of a strategic move. We're making better choices and seeing the difference in our team dynamics.
Sophie K
Sophie KCo-founder
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Being part of the WrkTrl community feels like being in a tight-knit club. There's a genuine sense of wanting to help each other out, and that's priceless in today's competitive market.

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The Real Cost of Hiring Mistakes

Hiring the wrong person can seriously hurt your business.
Here’s why

Replacing Employees is Expensive

If an employee earning $45,000 leaves, it can cost you up to $15,000 to find a replacement. This includes not just the hiring process but also the lost productivity during the transition.

Source: Forbes, May 17, 2023

The "Quiet Quitting" Phenomenon

In 2022, a trend emerged where employees did only the bare minimum at work, without officially resigning. This means companies keep staff who aren't fully committed, leading to a loss of skills and potential.

Source: Harvard Business Review, January 18, 2023

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